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Last year’s Semblance of Order residency and exhibition has been written about in the current Imprint Magazine (Print Council of Australia Journal).  For those of you who don’t remember, Semblance of Order was :

presented in association with Parramatta Artists Studios. With cross cultural collaboration as its core, Semblance of Order is a travelling exhibition promoting Australian and Pakistani art and artists across borders and platforms.

Exploring the limits of printmaking, the exhibition presents etchings and silkscreen prints by five artists from Pakistan and Australia. Featuring Roohi Shafiq Ahmed, Michael Kempson, Ben Rak, Abdullah M.I. Syed and Adeel-uz-Zafar. Curated by Abdullah M.I. Syed.

Semblance of Order is the result of an international artists’ residency program delivered in partnership between Parramatta Artists Studios and Cicada Press (College of Fine Arts, UNSW), Sydney, Australia.

Imprint Magazine has kindly given us permission to reproduce the relevant pages and give you all the chance to read the article written by Angela Butler.

Click here to read the article 3691 Imprint Vol49 No1 _p12+13

Reproduced with permission from the Print Council of Australia, publisher of IMPRINT magazine:

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