Cicada Press in Imprint Magazine

The recent issue of Imprint magazine featured 2 full page articles about projects we’ve been involved in.

The first article, written by Gregory O’Brien and Michael Kempson, describe a project which saw a group of NZ artists head over to the Kermadec Islands where they went about working on their etching plates.

‘The Well Travelled Etching Plate’ From Imprint Magazine

Click to read ‘The well-travelled etching plate’ from Imprint Magazine

The second article, written by Tess Allas and Michael Kempson, is about the Aboriginal printmaking workshops we’ve been having at Cicada Press over the past years – including artists such as Vernon Ah-Kee, Gordon Hookey, Fiona Foley, Reko Rennie and many more.

‘Aboriginal Printmaking Workshops’ – Imprint Magazine 2012

Click to read ‘Aboriginal Printmaking Workshops’ article from Imprint Magazine

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