Matthew Calandra

Matthew Calandra has been drawing up portraits for the last few months as part of a Cicada Press residency he was invited to be part of.  The resulting body of works include portraits of artists such as Ian Grant, Vernon Ah-Kee, Michael Kempson, Elisabeth Cummings and many more.

The resulting body of over 60 print portraits was shown at Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery as part of the ‘STUDIO ARTISTS COLLABORATE’ exhibition.

Here is a little video that was shot from Matthew’s perspective while he was drawing up a portrait of Rafael Butron.  The camera was mounted to Matt’s head, so it’s a bit shaky at times.

Matthew was joking around and finished the portrait of Rafael as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

After having a laugh, he did another portrait which ended up looking like this:


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